Game Zones

Truro Paintball has six purpose built game zones to maximise your paintballing fun and provide you with a challenging environment for your team games. Check out the description of the different game zones below.

The Grave Yard

Both teams must battle through the graveyard in search of treasure and artefacts, returning and found treasure to their starting point, a fast paced re-spawn game.


Beach Landing

After the landing-craft doors swing open you will battle up the beach, storm the enemy position and attempt to destroy their fuel depot.



Classic capture the flag game, teams start opposite ends of a symmetrical field, the objective is to get the centre flag to the opponents goal.



Each team must capture as many ships as possible before the time runs out, bonus points for capturing the mighty galleon.


The Two Towers

A large game for 30 or more players. the objective is to capture the opponents tower whilst defending your own.


Bunker Buster

Attack and defend game, one team must defend the bunker whilst the other try to place a bomb inside to destroy it.